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safari cake
Safari Cake 01

Safari Cake 01

by June

Safari Cake

Safari Cake 01

Safari Cake Safari Cake Safari Cake Safari Cake

It's a 8" & 10" 2 tier round cake. I gave it kind of a slant look since its a safari theme by just cutting a little cake off. The icing is buttercream that I colored green. For the dirt I used brown sugar. As for the baby its made out of fondant that I colored using ivory and a baby mold. The monkey is made out of fondant that I colored brown. For the bananas and giraffe I used yellow paste; I shaped it all myself! I hand painted the brown spots on the giraffe, for the eyes I used white & black fondant circle cutouts using the 2 & 5 tips. For the water I used piping gel and some royal blue paste mixing it together to give it the water effect. And lastly, I used sky blue for the letters and the small fondant cutouts.