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Pictures of Tangled and Rapunzel Cakes

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rapunzel cakes
Rapunzel Cake 01

Rapunzel Cake 01

by Maria L.
(Nashville, TN)

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Inspired on the Disney Film Tangled I wanted to represent the movie without making any of the characters.

I first made all the small details of the cake, many flower, rocks, vines and leaves and the very important blonde braid. I also made the top of the tower by molding some rice krispies, covering it with fondant and the adding all the details like the window the wood panels and the ceiling.

The I covered the cake with a bright green fondant. Then I covered a small plastic tube with brown fondant to make the tower and added some bricks. After all the parts were ready I assembled it by putting the tube on the center of the cake, and adding all the rocks and flowers. Only when the cake was in its final table I added the top of the tower and "glued" with water the braid to the side of the window.