Pizza Cake

by Patty T.
(Baltimore, MD)

Pizza Birthday Cake

Pizza Birthday Cake

Pizza Birthday Cake Pizza Cake

I made the pizza cake for a 7 year-old birthday party. It was really fun to make, and kids go crazy! They really love it!

First I made my usual cake batter, but since this cake is supposed to be pretty slender like a pizza crust, and has lots of toppings, I used less sugar than the recipe called for, just to make sure it wasn’t too sweet.

Then I made sure I was using the right mold size by placing it on top of the pizza box I would use. I only filled the mold a little under half the way, and baked the batter until it was golden. After unmolding, and while the cake was still hot, y placed a heavy plate right in the middle, the plate was a smaller circle than the actual cake, so the sides of the cake puffed up, and the middle squished down, I did this to make the ‘crust effect’ and to keep all the toppings in place.

The tomato sauce was a mixture of honey, powder sugar, and red and orange coloring. The cheese was made of white fondant, but I think white chocolate would be great too. My toppings were made of fondant, I made some pepperoni, mushrooms, red and green peppers, but the cake didn’t feel finished until I made the olives. (Quick tip: when using black coloring with fondant, don’t give up if it turns grey, just keep adding more black)

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