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Halloween Cake

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halloween cake

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If you are in need of a spooky Halloween Cake this year, we've got you covered! Below you will find step-by-step instructions on how to make this amazing cake!

I try to draw a sketch before each cake, the end result is never exactly like my drawings, but it really helps to get an idea of were everything goes!

halloween cake drawing

Then I bake my cake, and prepare my icing. This time I made a dark chocolate cake with vanilla icing (lots of orange coloring too)!

halloween cake instructions

Once the cake is cool, I level the top and also cut it in half to spread some icing in the middle.

halloween cake recipe

I spread my orange icing in the middle and all around the cake. Its important to make it as smooth as possible so the fondant will attach nicely and without bumps!

halloween cakeshalloween birthday cakehalloween cakes

I leave the cake cooling in the fridge, and make my fondants.

halloween cake fondant, orange fondant, purple fondant

I make my decorations, this is how I made the pumpkins.

halloween fondant ideas, fondant pumpkin, make a pumpkin with fondant
fondant pumpkin, make pumpkins with fondant

This part is tricky, rolling the fondant and covering the cake, do it carefully.

rolled fondant, purple rolled fondant, halloween fondant

I smooth the sides of the cake slowly, to avoid breaking it, if it happens don't panic, try to cover it with some decorations, no one will notice!

putting fondant on a round cake

I find that the stand of a cake is almost as important as the cake itself, make sure it matches the cake!

orange fondant, round cake stand

Now is where the fun part begins- putting everything together!

orange and purple halloween fondant, halloween color fondant rip halloween cake

I use a little water as glue, also a toothpick here and there

grave yard halloween cake

Happy Halloween!

tombstone halloween cake