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Cupcake Cakes

These Huge Cupcake Cakes have been submitted to us by people just like you! If you have any kind of Birthday Cake that you would like us to publish on our website click here! We'd love to see your pictures!

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Cupcake Cake 01      

Cupcake Cake 01

by Sara B.
(New York, NY)

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I finally decided to buy the Wilton Huge Cupcake Mold, after reading several reviews. I LOVE it now! There is a few things you should know, since both the top and the bottom of the cupcake are in the same bowl, once you have the cake batter done, fill the bottom pan, bake for 15minutes, remove from oven and fill the top pan, and finish baking. This will ensure that both parts are cooked at the same time! Its so easy to decorate with butter cream and a very fun project to do with kids!

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