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Cross Cake Pictures and Ideas

Take a look at these amazing Cross Cake pictures that have been submitted to us by people just like you! If you have a birthday cake that you'd like us to feature on our site send it to us for everyone to enjoy!

cross cake
Cross Cake 01

Cross Cake 01

Linae Tabor
(Bremerton, WA)

cross cake

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This cross cake is actually all brownie!

I made this brownie for my sister to take for her church's Easter potluck.

I used my cross pan to bake the brownie and then when it was cooled, I put it on an 11 X 14 inch cake board.

I added a chocolate shell border around the top and bottom and then I colored white buttercream icing with orange, brown, blue, green, and yellow and put tip 1M swirls in the middle.

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