Cookie Monster Birthday Cake

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cookie monster birthday cake
cookie monster cake
Cookie Monster 01
Cookie Monster 02

Cookie Monster Cake 01

by Marissa L.
(Sacramento, CA)

cookie monster cake

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This cake turned out great, and I really recommend it for beginners who are not to experienced with fondant. First the cookie monster itself is pretty shapeless! And all those mini cookies are great for covering mistakes!

First I made a vanilla and chocolate chip cake with cream cheese icing. I also crushed some chocolate chip cookies in between layers to give it some crunch! I made a big batch of blue marshmallow fondant, I had to use a LOT of blue to get it to the right color! I also made a small batch of light brown fondant and an even smaller batch a dark brown fondant for the 'mini cookies'.

I took my time making the cookie monster; I looked for pictures in the internet to make sure I got it right! My little cousin helped me with the 'mini cookies', I even gave some cookies bite marks.

After I covered the cake with blue fondant, I strategically placed each cookie to cover any bumps. Then I placed the cookie monster in the center, and covered the whole cake with 'mini cookies'. By the time the candle was blown many of those tiny cookies were missing!

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Cookie Monster Cake 02

by Linae Tabor
(Bremerton, WA)

cookie monster cake

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I made a white cake and added miniature chocolate chips to the cake mix and baked it in my Cookie Monster cake pan.

I colored my buttercream icing blue (you have to use alot) and then I used my grass tip to make the fur. I used white buttercream icing to make the eyes and some black buttercream icing for the pupils. I also outlined the hand and hat in black icing and used white icing for the hat.

I then added a store-bought cookie to Cookie Monster's hand.

I also made cupcakes out of a white cake mix with miniature chocolate chips added to the cake mix.

I iced them with white buttercream icing and added miniature chocolate chips on top to make them look like chocolate chip cookies.

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