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Chinese New Year Cake Pictures

These Chinese New Year Cake pictures have been submitted to us by people just like you! If you have any kind of Birthday Cake that you would like us to publish on our website click here! We'd love to see your pictures!

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Chinese New Year Cake 01


Chinese New Year Cake 01

by Sharron L.
(Orlando, FL)

chinese new year cake

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Although this cake may look elaborate is was very easy to do. To give the shiny and bright look the red fondant I used some pearling powder, mixed it with a little vodka and one drop of red food coloring. With a medium brush I covered the cake and the look was stunning! After it dried, I added bricks and some Chinese lettering with food markers. The dragon is made of Yellow fondant and golden powder, I recommend you look for dragon images on web and look at this images while you sculpt! Happy year of the Dragon!

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