Cactus Birthday Cakes

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Cactus Cake 01

Cactus Cake 01

by Chad Davis
(Hollis, ME)

cactus birthday cake

Cactus Cake

Cactus Cake Cactus Birthday Cake Cactus Birthday Cake Cactus Cake

For a Boy Scouts dinner, my son and I made this Cactus Cake. It was a father son cake bake competition with a Southwestern Theme.

When my son told me he wanted to do a cactus cake, I figured no problem. I would just do a cake in a rectangle pan and then cut in the shape of a cactus. He said "No Dad, I want it to stand up like a real cactus."

We developed a framework from 1/4" wooden dowels and made 45 degree angle connectors. Made chocolate cupcakes and frosted with butter crean frosting with tons of green food coloring. We filled the plant pot with rocks and then for the top 1", we broke up some of the cupcakes and mixed in a few mini marshmellows so it looked like potting soil. It won first prize out of 30 theme cakes. (It also tasted great)!

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