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Take a look at these amazing Bowling Cake pictures that have been submitted to us by people just like you! If you have a birthday cake that you'd like us to feature on our site send it to us for everyone to enjoy!

bowling cake
Bowling Cake 01

Bowling Cake 01

by Pam
(Curwensville, PA)

Bowling Cake

Bowling Cake

Bowling Cake Bowling Cake Bowling Cake

I made this cake for a little girl that was having a bowling birthday party. i made the pins out of rice crispies and covered them in white foundant. then i put two sheets cakes together and used butter cream icing colored brown to cover it. i them used brown food color put a few drops randomly on the cake and just used a knife to speed it and make it look like wood grain. i made the bowling ball out of rice crispies as well but i colored foundant pink and purple to give it a marbled effect and covered the ball with that.

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