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Barn Cake 01
Barn Cake 02

Barn Cake 01

by Melissa M.
(New York, NY)

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I wanted to make this cake with a different flavor filling. I cut four layers, and filled two with cream, and two with guava jam. Try to stack the four layers as evenly as possible, for the fondant.

I prepared the marshmallow fondant, which tastes much yummier than regular fondant :). I colored it green, and i carefully covered the cake, use a tooth pick to pop any air bubbles and make everything smooth.

Now I was ready for decorations. First I made the white fence and many pastel colored flowers of different sizes and shapes. I covered the border of the cake with the fence and flowers, (use a brush to apply water as glue). If the cake has any imperfections, cover them with flowers.

The farm was a little tricky, and there many ways you can do it. You could cut a second smaller cake, the shape of a farmhouse, cover it with red fondant and apply decorations. But this cake was all ready big enough, so I used a little cardboard. I cut each individual wall, covered it with red fondant and then I assembled it directly on the cake. The white fondant fence and flowers finished the whole look.

This cake was ment to be surrounded by cupcakes, so I decided to make the cupcakes into the farm animals. I made chicks, pigs, cows, and sheep! First making the decorations on a sheet, and then placing them on top of each cupcake!

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Farm Cake 01

by Maria M.
(South America)

farm cake, farm animal cake

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farm cake, farm animal cake

Making this farm cake was a lot of fun. I made all the cute animals and flowers the day before with fondant. The cake was red velvet mmm which I covered with a light green fondant, and added all the figures I created. It was fun making the chocolate 'mud' just microwave the chocolate and with a small spatula carefully cover the area you would like also put some on the little pigs!