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50th Birthday Cake Ideas

Take a look at these amazing 50th Birthday Cake Ideas that have been submitted to us by people just like you! If you have a birthday cake that you'd like us to feature on our site send it to us for everyone to enjoy!

50th birthday cake ideas
50th Birthday Cake 01

50th Birthday Cake 01

by Linae Tabor
(Bremerton, WA)

50th birthday cake ideas

I made this cake for my Driver Services Rep's 50th birthday because she just loves Maxine. It is a white cake in my 11 x 14 inch pan.

I then printed out the picture of Maxine, traced it onto a piece of waxed paper, laid the picture on my iced cake and using a toothpick, I outlined the picture on the cake. After outlining the picture of Maxine in black icing, I then filled in the areas with the colors I wanted.

The writing was done free hand using part of a conversation that I had with my friend just before her birthday.

Since she works for a trucking company, my daughter came up with the last line for the wording.

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