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Look no further, a website with amazing birthday cake ideas! Let's face it, making a birthday cake isn't Rocket Science, simply browse and find the cake you are looking for as well as the recipe!

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Forget about being a "master cake decorator," all it takes is some creativity on your part and inspiration in which I assure that you will find on this site to make your cake a BIG hit for your occasion. All of the birthday cakes you see here are uploaded from people just like you!

Don't forget, once you've made your awesome birthday cake, upload a picture of your cake and the recipe to our site so others can see!

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Spice up your next Birthday Cake by using fondant! You can turn that ol' boring birthday cake into a masterpiece in nothing flat! Need a fondant recipe? We've got you covered! Check out our Fondant Recipes section to find a one that will fit your needs!